The Kemppainen Family Association

Kemppaisten Sukuseura, The Kemppainen Family Association was founded in 3.7.1988 at Kainuu College, Paltamo, Finland. 
It is registered at Hyrynsalmi, becouse it is the parish in which the oldest known ancestor, Lasse Kemppainen settled at Kainuu district as early as 1599.

The purpose of the association is to preserve the family traditions and promote a feeling of belonging to the family, organise family reunions, collect, file and publish material concerning the family and its history. We all need to know where we came from and what our ancestors were like. It is interesting for one to note the characteristics and behaviours 
that have been passed on from generation to generation. Anyone, who has not yet joined the association, is welcome to do so by contacting the email given below. We are hoping that anybody who is able to contribute to the history of the family, who wishes to ask something or is interested broadly generally, gets in touch.

The Kemppainen Family Association has published three family books, the first one Kemppaiset Kainuusta in 2002, Kemppaiset Kainuusta II in 2007 and Kemppaiset Kainuusta III in 2013.

One of the main themes in the latest book is migration. Many of the Kemppainens who emigrated overseas from Finland have disappeared from the family map. The association is collecting information regarding the Kemppainens and their relatives in order to update and improve the contents of the Kemppainen database maintained by it. This database is used mainly for creating genealogical tables for the new family book.

There are already more than 10.000 Kemppainens or relatives of Kemppainens in our database.

If there are any Kemppainens reading this, please, contact the association. Any information about Kemppainen families is welcome. As a payback, we can check whether our database has some information of your Kemppainen-related ancestors. 

Please, contact via the email of the association or directly:

Kaija Heiskanen, genealogist of the Kemppainen Family Association
kaheiskanen (at)


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